Leo Veater

Client Care Team

Leo Veater
Leo Veater Client Care Team

Having worked in retail for most of my working life, it was a great change to go into interior design three years ago. Then my fiancé and I decided the time was right to change our couple to a family and two became three! There were many tears, sleepless nights and I'm sure you can imagine what else but mainly what changed, were priorities.

So, when the time came for me to think about what I wanted to do with my life, I thought about the things that matter to me. Having grown up with animals but not being able to have my own yet, due to full time work we decided Mia, our very own kind of animal, will absolutely have to have a companion to grow up with. All the talk of animals and what was important made a spark go off in my head. Fate intervened and I came across Shinfield Vets.

I must say yes, working with animals and being able to be a part of something much bigger than people imagine, is amazing in itself, but the team here is just incredible and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

When I'm not here swooning over pretty much every animal that comes in, talking in a strange voice that I swear they understand, I'm with our little girl, enjoying the madness parenthood has bestowed upon me. I'm looking forward to expanding our family and hopefully having a furry friend in the mix very soon!