Firework season

Firework season will soon be upon us and although this time of year can be fun for us, it can be very stressful for our pets. Early preparations can make a huge difference to your pets comfort so we have outlined some measures you can take to help your pet overcome this potentially stressful season.


There are a number of signs your pet may show when stressed or anxious:  stressed or anxious

These include

  • Hiding
  • Trembling
  • Refusing to go outside
  • Clinging
  • Vocal
  • Whining
  • Toileting inside
  • Destruction of household items

How to help your pet


  • Make a den or safe place for your pet. This can provide a sense of security and help ease feelings of anxiety and stress. Ensure you place a blanket inside to make it extra cosy for them and if you have a cat, you can spray the blanket with Feliway pheromone spray to help further reduce stress levels. It is however important that your pet is left alone as much as possible when they are in their hideaway. Too much interaction with your pet can lead to their misinterpretation of being rewarded for feeling stressed and anxious.
  • Keeping to routine can also play a big part in reducing stress levels. It is important for your pet to understand that nothing has changed. Sticking to their usual feeding time throughout the firework season can be an easy way of ensuring this routine.
  • Ensure dogs are walked during daylight hours only as this will reduce the chance of them hearing and seeing fireworks. This can also help make them tired for the evening reducing their response to the fireworks.
  • Keep all furry animals in at night. This will decrease the chance of them getting spooked.
  • Check your pets microchip details! If your pet gets a fright as a result of the fireworks and manages to escape from your house/garden, this means you can get reunited quickly and easily.
  • Increasing the sound on your TV or radio can help block out the noise made by the fireworks and by closing curtains, you reduce the chances of your pet seeing them too.
  • Toys can provide a good way to use up energy and means that your pet may be more sleepy and relaxed in the evenings.


Calming shirtsThere are a variety of different products on the market that can help to reduce the effect s of stress and anxiety for your pets. Some of these only need to be given in food  1-2 hours before the fireworks start so it would be ideal to give in the late afternoon.

Calming shirts

These shirts can be used in dogs and work by placing a gentle, constant pressure on certain parts of the body which can help alleviate stress and promote a sense of comfort.

Pheromone diffusers

Adaptil (diffuser and collar) for dogs or Feliway (diffuser and spray) for cats are useful products to help alleviate stress. They replicate the natural calming pheromones that animals excrete when they are in relaxed and familiar surroundings.  The diffusers should be placed in the room where your pet spends the most time and should be plugged in at least 7 days before the firework season starts. The Feliway spray for cats should be sprayed directly onto your pet’s bedding and needs to be sprayed 15 minutes before allowing your pet onto the bed.

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Visiting or can provide useful tips on how to be best prepared for this season.

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